Security Management

Mintly Group is a safe and secure partner, worthy of your trust

At Mintly Group, we take security seriously, both our customers’ and our own.

The fundamental goals of our security policy are to safeguard what is important to us: our personnel, the information and assets entrusted to us, and the trust placed in us by our customers. It is self-explanatory that we aim to ensure the continuity of our business, but we also aim to support the resilience of critical infrastructure of our society. Always taking environmental considerations into account.

Information security is a prerequisite for trust, and confidentiality is crucial for information security. Our information security management system is ISO27001:2022 certified. We follow and apply latest standards, guidelines and best practices to maintain a high level of security. Continuous improvement of information security and management systems is Mintly Groups’ way of working.

Our key security objectives are:

Mintly Group is a safe workplace for us.

Even a single workplace accident or violation of personnel data protection is unacceptable.

Mintly Group is a secure and trustworthy partner.

The assets and information entrusted to us our customers are protected and our services are secured. Our information systems are secured in a way that ensures the confidentiality of information throughout its lifecycle, even during disruptions.

Corruption and any unethical behavior have no place in Mintly Group's business.

We comply with laws, regulations, frameworks, and guidelines related to our operations.

Security competence of our staff is a competitive advantage for Mintly Group.

We strive for each employee to have a comprehensive understanding and adequate resources to always consider security aspects in their work. Our expertise in security and cybersecurity adds value to all the services we provide to our customers.

As an independent systems integrator an expert in information security, we have the luxury to select the latest and most capable information security solutions and best practices from our partners to protect our own organization as well. We know what we talk about.

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