Responsibility and Customer Satisfaction at Mintly Group

Responsible action concerns us all – every employee, Mintly Group’s companies, and our stakeholders. Exemplary handling of human rights, environmental, and climate issues creates significance and increases well-being for us all.

What does this mean in practice?

We strive to offer solutions that serve our customers’ needs while also prioritizing sustainability. In addition, we recognize our customers’ social responsibilities and our own role in the responsibility chain. We also expect the same level of responsibility from our stakeholders, so that the entire supply chain is committed to addressing the economic, social, and environmental impacts of our operations. Our key responsibility goals are:

A competent and healthy team

Mintly Group is a desirable workplace for all. We want to be a top-level employer for every employee. It is important to us that employees have the opportunity to influence their own work and promote responsibility through their actions. Our goal is to maintain the current level of occupational safety, where we have zero work-related accidents.

Responsible customer solutions

We produce solutions that help our customers achieve their own environmental goals. We offer efficient, optimized, and comprehensive solutions. We are a reliable partner for our customers and we choose our own partners carefully.

Minimizing environmental impacts

We aim to influence our own value chain by optimizing our logistics, promoting circular economy and recycling, and supporting sensible travelling and remote work. All of our premises’ electricity is produced from 100% renewable sources, and our premises are heated with CO2-free district heating.

In our responsibility work, we emphasize the well-being and occupational health of our employees. These are the responsibility matters that we can have the most impact on, invest in actively, and which directly affect our customer satisfaction. In all our operations, it is important for us to recognize our responsibility for sustainable development as a company.

Human rights and the workplace

In line with Minty’s values, every employee’s contribution is respected and their well-being is taken care of. We adhere to an equality policy that supports equal opportunities for our employees.

We operate in accordance with internationally recognized human rights and international commitments relating to human rights, as well as national laws and regulations. We also expect this from our stakeholders. We do not accept the use of forced or child labor in any form.

We follow the collective agreement for the IT services industry and recognize our employees’ freedom of association. We have an elected representative of our staff.

Environment and climate

Mintly Group follows applicable environmental and climate legislation and regulations. We aim to produce and sell products, services, and solutions that have the least possible environmental impact. We are committed to environmental protection and preventing environmental pollution. Any waste generated in our work is recycled and/or disposed of lawfully.

We measure, monitor, and assess the environmental impacts of our operations and supply chain and continuously strive to reduce our environmental footprint while also reducing our use of materials and waste production. We aim to conduct a comprehensive life cycle assessment of the products and services we produce and set requirements for our supply chain to minimize environmental impact.


We are committed to operating transparently and responsibly. Every Mintly employee has the opportunity and obligation to report any misconduct or wrongdoing to their supervisor or through the Whistleblow channel.

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