The safe and reliable partner

Those words may have been overused since the 1970s, but we’re occasionally a bit sentimental so we used them anyway. We take both our customers’ and our own safety seriously.

Our most important goals in safety work are to take care of the things that are important to us: our personnel, and the information, property, and trust entrusted to us by our customers. Another goal is, of course, to ensure the continuity of our business, but through our services, we also aim to support the resilience of critical infrastructure from a societal perspective. Without forgetting environmental aspects.

Information security is a prerequisite for trust, and confidentiality is essential for information security. Our information security management system is certified against the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standard, which we voluntarily adhere to in order to ensure and maintain a high level of security. Continuous improvement of information security management is the way of working at Mintly Group.

Safety means these things to us every day:

Mintly is a safe workplace for us

Even one workplace accident or breach of staff data privacy is too much for us.

Mintly is a safe and reliable partner

Our company’s and our customers’ entrusted assets, information, and services are secure.

Our information environments are protected to ensure the confidentiality of information throughout its lifecycle, even in disruptive situations.

Corruption and unethical behavior have no place in Mintly's business operations

We adhere to the laws and regulations applicable to us, the requirements of the frameworks applicable to our operations, and the guidelines related to our operations.

The safety expertise of Mintly's employees is a trump card

We aim for every Mintly employee to have in-depth expertise and sufficient resources to consider safety aspects in their work.

Our safety and cybersecurity expertise add value to all the services we deliver to our customers.

Mintly tiimi Mintly-lipun kanssa

As experts in information security, we also practice what we preach. We select the latest and most capable information security solutions from our partners, as well as best practices, to protect our own organization.

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