Let's secure your OT-network

Security threats, regulations, and cloud migration create pressure to update OT networks. We have experience with Finland’s largest production facilities as well as very small ones – with our solutions, we can also guarantee the security of your network.

Is the core of your business secured?

The typical answer to securing OT networks is that there are no connections to the outside. However, we haven’t encountered such an OT network yet.

Connections to the IT network, shadow IT brought by subcontractors, and cloud connections of new technologies create connections to the outside world, and usually, people are not aware of these. On average, in the assessments we conduct, we find three times the number of devices on the network compared to the assumption.

Naturally, in OT networks, the most important factors are production continuity and employee safety. Security threats to networks also threaten these two crucial factors, and therefore investments made to address them will certainly pay off.

With these steps, your network will be secure.

Our goals

The target state is described by reflecting through the most important network and information security standards and practices.

Current situation

Create visibility into what the network consists of and what its attack surface area is.


Safeguard your network using several methods and create processes for managing risks and vulnerabilities.


Protect the network using various methods and create processes for managing risks and vulnerabilities.

Ensure continuity

Ensure the continuity of the OT environment through secure architecture and processes.

Other solutions

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