Managed SIEM

Even the law states that cybersecurity incidents must be addressed. Do you have the necessary tools for that?

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A state-of-the-art platform for detecting cybersecurity incidents.

It’s impossible to react to cybersecurity incidents if there are no alerts. We set up a SIEM system for your company and ensure that you continuously derive maximum benefit from it. All this at a fixed monthly price.

As a platform, we use Microsoft Sentinel running in Azure, which in our experience is the most cost-effective and efficient solution for most Finnish companies.

When you acquire a SIEM platform as a service, you avoid these problems:

  • Maintenance and tuning of rules require continuous monitoring and resource allocation
  • You get access to Microsoft Sentinel through us at a more affordable price
  • Sentinel is constantly evolving – we monitor the development and ensure that you have access to the new features that are important for your environment

Service content and benefits

A solution that scales to your needs

In a cloud-native solution, you only pay for what you use. You can customize the type of logs, retention period, and location according to your preferences. The platform also provides SOAR tools for automation.

Behavior-based threat detection

Sentinel utilizes machine learning to identify anomalies in user behavior.

Microsoft ecosystem

Sentinel integrates quickly and affordably with other Microsoft products.

Mintly's analytics rule package

Mintly provides each of its customers with a self-maintained rule package, which is continuously maintained and improved.

This continually enhances cybersecurity!

Utilizing threat intelligence feeds

Sentinel continuously correlates events against threat intelligence. Mintly can also add desired threat intelligence feeds to the service.

Threat hunting add-on service

As a monthly subscription add-on service, Mintly proactively searches logs for anomalies to identify and address weaknesses or potential malicious activities in the environment.

Mintlyn tiimi kädenvääntöhommissa

Did you know that October 2024 is the deadline for fulfilling the reporting requirements related to cybersecurity and security incidents mandated by the NIS2 EU directive? Based on this directive, local legislation has been created in Finland, which compels a significant portion of Finnish companies to take action under the threat of fines.

Review directive on the EU website

Comprehensive services

Mintly's other cybersecurity solutions provide additional security.

We have suitable cybersecurity services for your company regardless of your current security maturity or requirements.

By the way, we do other things too.

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