Network as a Service

A smoothly functioning network is the enabler of a company’s daily operations. You can focus on your business while we ensure that the connections work – now and in the future.

Get smooth operations

We always build the network with easily manageable and quickly deployable modern technology. Everything else is a waste of time and money.

Mintly offers the whole package: we design the network architecture, perform the implementation, and ensure the connectivity. You just need to tell us the important requirements for your business, and we’ll take care of providing all of this as one cohesive package. We only offer tailored solutions because your business is unique too.

Mintly’s service main elements:

  • We are integrators, providing the service with the technology that best fits your company’s needs.
  • Cloud-managed technologies ensure continuous management and fast, scalable deployments globally.
  • Finnish-speaking Service Desk monitors your environment around the clock, worldwide.
  • Finland’s best experts. Proven.

We harness technology to make your everyday life easier.

Centralized management tools

Centralized cloud-native management tools make network management efficient and thus also cheaper.

Visibility into user experience

Artificial intelligence provides real-time, user-specific insights into where network traffic issues are occurring. This speeds up troubleshooting exponentially!


Modern technologies enable fast deployments as your business expands.

Life span consideration

We design your architecture so that the technology also meets your future business needs and integrates with other technologies in your ecosystem.

Only the best is good enough

We ensure that with these technologies, connections will work seamlessly.

Wide range of services

Are you looking for a reliable expert in cybersecurity and computer networks?

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