Vulnerability management

Scanners running and patches installed, this is easy! Well, it can be sometimes, but in a larger environment, patching vulnerabilities requires planning.

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As the size of the IT infrastructure grows, managing vulnerabilities becomes a continuous game of cat and mouse. The key is to focus on what matters most.

If your infrastructure spans hundreds or thousands of devices and servers, you can be sure that each vulnerability scan will uncover a staggering amount of issues. System owners want to focus on what’s essential, but every month, time is spent on update cycles and planning maintenance windows – or alternatively, the list of vulnerabilities keeps growing.

Mintly’s Vulnerability Management service aims to minimize the number of maintenance windows and updates required. While vulnerabilities are always plentiful, often the identified vulnerabilities are impossible for attackers to exploit for various reasons. We run the scans and analyze the results, based on which we create a task list for installing updates or configuration changes. Only vulnerabilities that genuinely increase your company’s attack surface should be addressed.

In OT networks, the service becomes even more critical: production facilities often require older operating systems or software versions to operate, and maintenance windows are extremely costly for business. In these cases, the attack surface often needs to be addressed in ways other than installing updates.

Patch the wounds with Mintly’s service

Mintly’s service tackles vulnerability management in both IT and OT networks. You don’t have to focus on analyzing reports; we provide you with ready-made recommendations and task lists and ensure that unnecessary maintenance windows are avoided. On the other hand, we also ensure that, for example, due to resource shortages, your environment doesn’t fall behind.

At the same time, we provide reporting on vulnerability management to your company’s management, which helps them respond to requirements brought about by directives such as NIS2.

With Mintly’s Vulnerability Management service, you no longer have to:

  • Use your resources to interpret endless vulnerability reports
  • Plan unnecessary maintenance windows
  • Worry about the security of your legacy system-operated OT network

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