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Secure users and your company’s data even on external networks without capacity limitations or poor user experience. That is SASE, of which Mintly has been a pioneer in the Finnish market from the beginning.

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SASE is a hot topic now, but Mintly has been working on it for years.

Currently, every major network and cybersecurity manufacturer is bringing their own SASE offering to the market. The first ones have been active in this area for years, but every manufacturer has clearly identified a demand for this technology in the market and therefore have invested millions in the development of their offerings. We can be sure that SASE is not a passing phenomenon, but that companies will continue to use it as the cornerstone of their architecture in securing their users and data.

Mintly has been involved in implementing SASE architecture for its customers since the technology’s first wave. We have thus seen its development over the years and know what is good and what is less effective in the offerings of different manufacturers. Not all SASE solutions are the same, so it is important for a company to find the solution that best supports their needs.

What exactly is SASE about?

Cloud Centricity

If previously the center of a company’s cybersecurity was behind a firewall in a data center, now it is in the manufacturer’s cloud without capacity limitations.


In SASE, your company’s external network connections are not limited by the data center’s location or the firewall’s performance. Capacity scales in the cloud according to the number of users and their locations.

Hybrid work

When scalability and performance are not limiting factors, remote workers can enjoy an excellent user experience from anywhere. Safely.

Secure data

You can control which devices and by whom your company’s data can be accessed and what is done with the data. Each session can be controlled and authorized at different levels.

Common Features and Use Cases of SASE

Secure Private Access

A modern “VPN replacement” that securely connects users and organization applications in any environment with the best user experience. It also enables quick connection of users across different organizations, for example in M&A cases.

Secure Internet Access

A cloud-native, device-independent solution that secures a user’s internet traffic with the best user experience.

SD-Branch & SD-WAN

A modern cloud-native solution that enhances, secures, and provides visibility to the traffic between a company’s various locations.

Digital user experience monitoring

Top-tier visibility into the individual user experience, regardless of the application.

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