Security Operations Center 24/7

Hackers don’t take evenings and weekends off. You probably want to, so someone should be watching over events.

Guess what? Cyber surveillance implementation can also be quick, simple, and successful without hidden costs.

When you already have the necessary and best-suited security products in place, all that’s really missing is a centralized view and a team to monitor alerts. That’s how we approach this matter.

Together with our partner, Mintly captures logs regardless of the security product and analyzes and correlates events into ready-made tickets using artificial intelligence – and responds to them 24/7. At the same time, your company’s security level is continuously assessed, and improvement suggestions are made.

Sounds pretty simple and easy, huh?

  • You can leverage the exact security products you’ve already implemented.
  • Costs are known for up to three years ahead – no hidden fees!
  • Monitoring and response 24/7

Wide range of services

Mintly's other security solutions provide additional security.

We have security services tailored to your company’s needs, regardless of your current security maturity or requirements.

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