Pure win-win

Mintly’s simple purpose is to be the best thing that has happened to our customers and employees. Things can be done cheaply or well. We do them well.

Well, let’s praise ourselves just a bit.

We are the best for you.

  • A fitting-sized partner
  • Finland’s most skilled cybersecurity team
  • Astronaut attitude and a shepherd dog service attitude
  • We suffer from jargon allergy
  • You’ll suffer from chronic lack of waiting

We are the best for ourselves.

  • Genuinely good team spirit that also radiates to our customers
  • We take care of maintaining and developing our expertise
  • Hard work means big salary

As a result, you’ll receive from us the most skilled and friendliest network and security task force in Finland.

Our solutions are based on meeting the customer’s needs in the best possible way.

Mintly doesn’t cling to old technology as a solution, even though it would be easy.

Niiice. But what about numbers?

A million licenses, a mountain of certificates, a bunch of routers, plenty of switches, and a plethora of access points.


Security-cleared domestic top experts delivering the most demanding and challenging projects for both public and private sectors.


Expertise in device manufacturer technology. You get exactly what you need, and not a bit extra.


Years of combined experience in the field of computer networks and security.


Satisfied customers secure from attacks.

Other perspectives on our operations

Work with us

Do you succeed through the pursuit of innovation and uncompromising dedication? Well what do you know, so do we!

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Safety at Mintly

You can read about safe operations and working on our dedicated safety page.


You can read about responsible operations and working on our dedicated responsibility page.

Mintly tiimipalaveri kahviossa

We say no to compromise solutions

Our extensive partner network means that you get the devices and software that best fit your needs.

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