Responsibility at Mintly Group

Responsible conduct concerns us all – every Mintly employee, Mintly Group companies, and our stakeholders. Particularly exemplary management of human rights, environmental, and climate issues generates significance and enhances well-being.

Responsibility policy overview

Sounds nice, but what does this mean in practice?

We strive to provide solutions that best serve our customers without forgetting sustainability. In addition, we understand our customers’ social responsibilities and identify our role in the responsibility chain.

We expect the same from our own stakeholders, so that the entire supply chain is committed to addressing the economic, social, and environmental impacts of operations.

In the end, everything boils down to these, in our opinion.

Competent and well-being team

We value and continuously develop our employees’ expertise by offering challenging tasks and training opportunities.

Responsible customer solutions

We offer solutions that help our customers achieve their environmental goals. From us, you get efficient, optimized, and comprehensive services. We are a reliable partner and choose our collaborators responsibly.

Minimizing environmental impacts

We aim to influence our value chain by optimizing logistics, promoting circular economy and recycling, and supporting smart mobility and remote work. We use electricity produced from 100% renewable sources, and we heat our premises with CO2-free district heating.

Mintly tiimi Mintly-lipun kanssa

In our sustainability efforts, the well-being and occupational health of our employees are emphasized. These are aspects of responsibility that we can influence the most, to which we invest most actively, and which directly affect our customer satisfaction. In all our operations, it is important that we recognize our responsibility for sustainable development as a company.

Human rights and working life

In line with Mintly’s values, everyone’s contribution is respected, and the well-being of the staff is taken care of. Mintly adheres to an equality policy, meaning we support equal opportunities for employees.

We operate in accordance with internationally recognized human rights and international human rights-related commitments, as well as, naturally, national laws and regulations. We also require this from our stakeholders. We do not accept the use of forced or child labor in any form.

We adhere to the Information Technology Services Sector collective agreement and recognize our employees’ freedom of association. We have a shop steward elected by our staff.

Environment and Climate

Mintly Group complies with relevant legislation and regulations regarding environmental and climate issues.

The products, services, and solutions we purchase and sell are produced with minimal environmental impact. We are committed to environmental protection and preventing environmental pollution, and any waste generated in our work is recycled and/or disposed of lawfully.

We measure, monitor, and assess the environmental impacts of our operations and supply chain, striving to continually reduce our environmental footprint, minimize material usage, and waste production.

We aim for a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of our products and services, setting requirements for minimal environmental impact for our supply chain as well.


We are committed to acting transparently and responsibly. You can report any misconduct, breaches, or activities that seem unethical, immoral, or illegal through Mintly’s Whistleblow channel.

Go to the Whistleblow channel by clicking here.

The Whistleblowing reporting channel is intended solely for reporting suspicions of misconduct, not for providing customer feedback. Reports made through the channel are completely anonymous.

Additional information about whistleblower protection

The Whistleblower Protection Act came into force on January 1, 2023. The law is based on the European Union’s Whistleblower Protection Directive, which requires organizations employing at least 50 people to provide their personnel and external stakeholders with a reliable communication channel for reporting misconduct or suspicions thereof.

One of Mintly’s principles is responsibility, and we want this to be evident in this area as well. We value feedback and encourage everyone to report inappropriate behavior, concerns, or suspicions. Reports are made anonymously, and each report is carefully reviewed by three individuals selected for their confidentiality.

We fulfill the legal obligation by utilizing the Whistleblowing reporting channel provided by Efecten. An impact assessment and balance test have been conducted for the reporting channel. Reports can be made at by clicking on the “Report misconduct anonymously” button, without logging in through any Efecten credentials. The system randomly generates a username and password for each report, and these credentials cannot be traced back to the reporter. The system provides instructions for making a report during the reporting process. If the person making the report wishes to follow up on the progress of the report, it is advisable to save the username and password. Anonymous accounts are deleted after three (3) months of inactivity and cannot be recovered at any later stage.

When making a report, the reporter can choose to request contact for a face-to-face discussion. In this case, the identity of the reporter is kept confidential throughout the process, and the information collected in the report is processed in accordance with strict data protection legislation. The reporter is also protected from retaliation under the EU Whistleblower Directive. The information contained in the report is kept for as long as necessary for the purpose it serves or as required by law.

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