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Enterprise network design, setup, equipment, and software – smartly from the same partner.

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Let's fully utilize the potential of your data networks.

Clarify the playing field with management solutions and minimize information security risks and network disruptions.

When it’s time to expand your network locally or to the cloud, we are ready.

So many devices, so little unified management. Mintly Asset Manager is our answer to this pain.

The service is provided to our customers free of charge.

Does your organization have a slow or unreliable data network? Is it time to get your network in order as well?

The data network under our responsibility does not fail, even if something breaks. A second of downtime for your network is an intolerably long time for us.

With our help, you get a modern, fast, and flawless data network—one that operates so seamlessly you won’t even notice it.

We help you transform your data network into a useful tool.


A modern network does not collapse, even if something unexpected happens.


Minimize security risks and protect your sensitive data.


You get a highly secure data network that is also fast to use from anywhere in the world.


We design your network to fit your needs, but scalable as needed for future requirements.

We invest in expertise and cooperation with all the best equipment manufacturers.

Because we are not reliant on just a few options in terms of equipment, we can provide systems that support your business and a clear vision for current and future needs with decades of experience.

With us, data network projects are actually enjoyable.

Expertise and equipment from the same place

Our top expertise in Finland enables versatile solutions from design to delivery, at the best price and from a single source.

Implementation as a project, without surprise costs

Reliability is a basic feature of our service—there is no additional charge for it.

We never push extras on you

Our solutions are based on the customer’s needs in the best possible way.

Mintly does not hang on to old technology as a solution, even though it would be easy.

Integrates directly into your existing network

We know how to develop your environment and keep it secure without making everyday life harder for network users. At the same time, you get access to modern cloud environments.

Get rid of problems

Make your data networks faster and more pleasant to use. By optimizing, you can get the most out of your devices.

Mintly työntekijä tietokoneella

We help ensure the development of your environment in a planned and smart way for years to come.

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Recent projects

Read thoughts from our satisfied customers.

Valmet: mies tarkastaa työstettyä teräksistä akselia

Project delivery

Valmet Automotive: Mintly’s certification expertise is top-notch.

This service package suits our needs. When functioning correctly, certificates should practically be an invisible service for website users, and that’s what it has been.

Timo Tuominen

IT Infrastructure Manager, Valmet

PunaMusta Media Oyj asiakastarinan pääkuva: mies tyytyväisenä etätöissä tietokoneellaan.

Project delivery

PunaMusta Media: The entire business relies on information systems

“The best thing about our new network solution is that we no longer receive feedback from users – the network just works. When I visit different locations of our company, the user experience is consistent everywhere.”

Atso Norppa

ICT Director, PunaMusta Media Oyj, PunaMusta Media

Porin kaupunki: puisto kesällä

Project delivery

Porin Kaupunki: Rush delivery completed on schedule

Urgent cases are not common, but when they occur, this kind of action is fantastic. Thank you for that!

Kaija Laurila

Lead Designer, IT Services, Porin kaupunki

Agnico Eagle asiakastarina pääkuva: pohjoista luontoa ilmakuva

Project delivery

Agnico Eagle: Automation and cybersecurity at the core

“As a result of our collaboration, we have achieved a communication architecture that is functional, redundant, manageable, secure, and scalable to meet the needs of the future.”

Sami Ruopsa

IT & Automation General Supervisor at Agnico Eagle’s Kittilä Mine, Agnico Eagle

Heard around town

Seems the data networks of our other customers are working flawlessly again.

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