OT Remote Access

In addition to your own employees, service providers, subcontractors, and their subcontractors all need access to your OT network. If the solution is not centralized, the attack surface area is considerable.

Shadow IT is poison for information security.

Equipment suppliers, maintenance companies, and service providers all need remote access to the devices they are responsible for. It’s impossible to resist this requirement. Everyone would surely like to use their own solution, but from the perspective of the information security of your OT environment, this produces a vast attack surface that is not under your control.

We offer several different solutions that securely provide remote access with precise permissions without sacrificing user-friendliness. On-site maintenance connections should also be produced remotely, as a network-connected, uncontrolled contaminated workstation can be a pathway for ransomware into your network.

  • Visibility and control over all remote connections to your most critical network.
  • See and control who did what and when.
  • Our solutions do not require software installations on your suppliers’ workstations.

Other solutions

Joonas Kyytsönen

Sales director

We have made significant improvements to our clients’ OT network remote connections; harmonizing and developing current solutions brings ease of maintenance, enhanced information security, and cost savings to their finances. We are committed to continuously developing our clients’ IT and OT networks to meet future needs.

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