PunaMusta Media: The entire business relies on information systems

PunaMusta Media Oyj is a modern corporate publishing service provider whose business depends on the functionality of digital information systems.

PunaMusta Media Oyj asiakastarinan pääkuva: mies tyytyväisenä etätöissä tietokoneellaan.

PunaMusta Media Oyj is a Finnish conglomerate operating in the fields of media, visibility, printing, and digital business. The company’s service offerings include solutions for digital visibility and brand management, event and visibility solutions, as well as design, content production, and printing of magazines and other printed materials. The company employs around 800 people and is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

As a modern company, the business operations of the PunaMusta Media Group always require reliable network connections. Sales, service delivery, and logistics depend on a high-quality network, making it critical for the business of the PunaMusta Media Group.

Over the years, the telecommunications solution consisting of equipment from various manufacturers reached the end of its life cycle. The PunaMusta Media Group decided to leverage Mintly’s expertise in designing and implementing a next-generation architecture solution.

The best thing about our new network solution is that we no longer receive feedback from users the network just works. When I visit different locations of our company, the user experience is consistent everywhere.

Atso Norppa

ICT Director, PunaMusta Media Oyj

Project objectives

Ironclad reliability
Easier manageability
Improved usability

The goal was to provide easier manageability and improved usability for mobile devices, offices, specialized publishing solutions, and forklift systems.

Mintly delivered to PunaMusta Media Group a new architecture design, equipment, installation, ongoing support, and maintenance services. Juniper was chosen as the most suitable equipment supplier for the needs of PunaMusta Media Group, and the new architecture was designed and implemented for Juniper’s access points and switches.

After the completion of the project, we asked for feedback from the client’s end:

Our collaboration with Mintly has been excellent. The service is always responsive.

Atso Norppa

ICT Director, PunaMusta Media Oyj

During the project and with the ongoing local and prompt support provided by Mintly’s maintenance service, PunaMusta Media Group has noted several clear improvements compared to the previous architecture.

Establishing a new branch is quick and easy

The PunaMusta Media Group has multiple branches in Finland and Estonia. The solution provided by Mintly and automated implementation enable tight schedules and cost-effective installation work.

The number of maintenance and repair works has decreased.

The reduced maintenance need allows resources to be concentrated on other tasks, such as architecture development.

The general feeling is that “everything just seems to work.” Feedback from users has been positive. For instance, in adaptable environments, the network scales and flexes easily.

Atso Norppa

ICT Director, PunaMusta Media Oyj

Modern architecture brings many benefits.

In addition to achieving the main objectives, the architecture provided by Mintly helps the PunaMusta Media Group in several areas of business:

  • Artificial intelligence monitors the architecture automatically, aiming to detect problems and faults in real-time.
  • Troubleshooting is quick and straightforward.
  • Maintaining software versions of the device fleet is effortless.
  • Demonstrating GDPR compliance during ISO audits is straightforward.
  • Security is top-notch.
  • Managing user and administrator rights is clear and easy.

The scope and results of the project.

80 base stations.
18 toimipistettä
18 branches/offices.

The end result was a solution utilizing modern artificial intelligence, which facilitates network operation and troubleshooting. The new architecture scales cost-effectively and operates reliably without significant maintenance costs. Mintly continues to further develop the architecture and provide support services for the PunaMusta Media Group in collaboration with Juniper’s equipment manufacturer support.

Network management is now very straightforward and easy. The number of problem tickets in our helpdesk has decreased, and our entire staff is satisfied with our new network solution. The resolution of potential issues has significantly improved with the assistance of the Juniper Mist solution’s Marvis AI-based assistant. With Marvis, we have been able to proactively resolve many issues.

Atso Norppa

ICT Director, PunaMusta Media Oyj

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