Istekki Oy: Reliability and Dependability as the Starting Point

Istekki asiakastarina pääkuva: lääkäreitä leikkaussalissa

Specializing in ICT services for public administration and healthcare, Istekki Oy offers its services to municipalities, cities, hospital districts, as well as companies and joint municipal authorities.

Hospitals and hospital districts set specific requirements for network functionality. Interfaces to Kela’s Kanta services and the needs of university hospital special responsibility (ERVA) areas further increase these demands.

Services must operate around the clock, necessitating top-notch network reliability. Maintenance and change needs must be planned and implemented to minimize downtime.

A close partnership brings results.

Istek’s nationwide backbone network has been built steadily in collaboration with Mintly’s experts. The backbone network serves as a modern service platform that is as contemporary, efficient, and scalable as can be expected today.

Through an ongoing consulting agreement, the network is continuously developed to meet new customer needs. All devices used in the network are duplicated to ensure reliability. Maintenance and spare parts-related tasks, planned in collaboration with Mintly’s experts, are executed with rapid response times. Upgrades to the infrastructure and increases in network speed and capacity are managed carefully, and equipment support is renewed promptly.

Mintly’s professionals are highly knowledgeable and agile, providing prompt service. They understand the needs of the end customer, resulting in solutions that always meet the requirements and account for the specific features of the industry.

Aripekka Matikainen

Head of Telecommunications Department

Expertise and technology are key.

Technology plays a crucial role in the functionality of the service platform. Istekki has long relied on Juniper Networks due to its extensive data center experience and expertise in routers and software. Additionally, Juniper’s products consistently maintain high levels of security.

Juniper is a pioneer in router technology, and the MX series routers used in Istekki’s core network provide added value, particularly in terms of reliability due to high availability, automation of maintenance through open interfaces, and improved manageability.

Sairaala Nova – Intelligent Hospital of the New Era

The city of Jyväskylä is soon to unveil a state-of-the-art smart hospital, leveraging advanced information technology in its operational environment. Mintly’s experts have been subcontracted by Istek to participate in designing the new hospital’s network infrastructure, enabling tasks such as automation of routine activities, error elimination, process optimization, targeted care delivery, and streamlined logistics.

This project is significant, requiring careful consideration of numerous critical systems within the network design, including call, shift, positioning, and alarm systems. Additionally, the network must accommodate the transmission of MRI images, laboratory and patient records, as well as prescription information. Furthermore, the increased demand for video conferencing, for purposes such as remote surgeries and educational sessions, places additional demands on the network and telecommunications connections.

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