Porin Kaupunki: Rush delivery completed on schedule

Porin kaupungin IT-palvelut kohtasivat haasteen, kun heidän oli päivitettävä vanha SSL-sertifikaattinsa vastaamaan uutta Public Key Size -lakiasetusta.

This reference originally comes from Wesentra Ltd, which has recently joined the Mintly family through an acquisition. We are proud of our expanding range of services, committing ourselves to even better network and cybersecurity services.

Porin kaupunki: puisto kesällä

This requirement arose suddenly, and the city had to act quickly to ensure that their digital services remain secure and accessible. A key goal was to minimize the time without a valid certificate to avoid disruptions to the city’s online services.

In this situation, the City of Pori decided to collaborate with Mintly’s SSL team. They prearranged a certificate order, with the primary task being to remove the old certificate and generate a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for acquiring a new certificate. Since speed was critical, the IT services of the City of Pori and Mintly’s team synchronized their schedules precisely.

Lead designer Kaija Laurila from the City of Pori’s IT services described the experience as positive. She mentioned that after sending the CSR, they received the new certificate within fifteen minutes. She emphasized that urgent cases are rare, but when they arise, swift and efficient action is highly valuable. Laurila expressed her gratitude to Mintly’s team for their excellent performance in this situation, where rapid response and effective collaboration were crucial in securing the City of Pori’s digital services.

The City of Pori prearranged a certificate order with Mintly’s SSL team. The previous certificate needed modification due to the new Public Key Size regulation, and it had to be removed before generating the new certificate request file. The time without a certificate needed to be minimized. We managed to synchronize the schedule excellently: after sending the CSR, the new certificate was in place within fifteen minutes! Urgent cases are not common, but when they occur, this kind of action is fantastic. Thank you for that!

Kaija Laurila

Lead Designer, IT Services

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